What kind of unicorn you are?

How to find a unicorn for a couple? First, you should know what kind of unicorn you are seeking? I did a research about unicorn dating site during my spare time, the Western countries already studied this topic in depth, and well classified the unicorn. Now I want to have a discuss with you guys, to see how many categories we can classify the unicorn into:

1. Pansexual

I believe this word is no stranger to most people, it is also called post modernity. This class has a wide range of people, mainly those who accept all sexual orientation. However, for the activities of these people, this class contains all sexual orientations, such as homosexuality, heterosexuality and bisexuality. It mainly refers to people with open minds or those without fixed sexual orientation.

2. Bi-permissive

This group mainly refers to people who are in a single heterosexual or homosexual state for a long time, but does not rule out the possibility of bisexuality. They are not actively seeking unicorn relations, but if they happen to meet the right people, they want to try another relationship.

3. Bisexuality

This group mainly refers to those who have a certain interest in both female and male. Regardless of gender, it is attracted by various characteristics such as body, sex, courtesy, temperament, spirit, knowledge and emotion. The biggest difference in gender differences is that unicorns emphasize that they accept various sexual orientations through behavior, such as sexual relationships with people of all sexual orientations.

4. Bi-curious

This group mainly refers to heterosexual lovers who are interested in couple looking for unicorn. They usually think that bisexuality is a sexual experience and heterosexual life is still their center. They often refuse to be considered gay.

5. Transsexual

This group mainly refers to unicorn who would also accept the transvestites and the transgenders. Their often have a demanding aesthetic requirement, the gender is not a problem to them if the opposite is pretty enough.

6. Actively Bi

This group mainly refers to the heterosexual and Bi-curious who would actively seeking for unicorn relationships, they have a balance need for the same gender and other gender, keeping their dual sexual life.

7. Indirectly Bi

This group only refers to the heterosexual or homosexual who would like to have the spiritual love with the same or other gender rather then having physical relationships. They can date with others but keep a single sexual behavior.

8. Passively Bi

This group only refers to the bisexual or bi-curious who have few times of sex or have casual relationships with the same gender accidentally, could also refers to the ones who interested in threesome chat room, could also refers to the ones who had sex with the same gender.

So can you tell what kind of unicorn you are seeking? What is the best time for a couple looking for unicorn? And what kind of unicorn you are?

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