We should view unicorn dating dialectically


In today’s world, freedom and right for sexual practices with whoever you feel like as long is an adult is granted. We come across people with different “sexual taste buds”. Other than the common heterosexual, we overhear or rather witness bi, homo or even unicorn relationships.

It is shocking how people are showing interest in unicorn relationships in abundance. The decision of joining an already existing couple does not sound good to some people. However, others feel that adding a member to an existing relationship is the best thing they can do.  

Here are some of the reasons why some people campaign for unicorn dating;

Most unicorn couples enjoy the fact that they play and enjoy sex with more than one woman at a go.

In a threesome dating, there is the fear of losing. The fact that there are three people in a relationship, it means that it can still work without the third party. Therefore, there is need to humble and respect one another in the relationship.

It is a Unique Style
When everyone else is entitled to a relationship of two, unicorn deals with a number of three at a go. It is unusual and sounds a little bit funny thus making it differ with the rest.

No Trust Issues
Unlike other types of dating, this one enhances some sort of free style kind of living. When you are more than two people especially women, it means that you are okay when your male partner sexually interacts with the other. Jealousy is the main reason why other types of relationships break.

Despite of the positive reviews of unicorn dating, not every one is pleased with such kind of a relationship. Below are some unpleasant reviews about unicorn dating;

Lack of Respect
In unicorn dating, respect is an underrated factor. In case one of the three members is no longer needed, some disrespectful characters are implied. This is a way of making you feel unwanted and quit the relationship.

A Sign of Unsatisfaction
A man having a woman is okay, but adding one more is traumatizing. It shows how greedy a man is. This makes the first woman to hate herself and fall out of love. Her sexual feelings may fade away.

Threesome Dating Sites
It is hard to recognize those interested in unicorn dating. Of course, you cannot move around advertising who you are. Hence the use of these dating sites. This is where people post online who they are and who they are looking for.

Bisexual women and open couples are catching up in unicorn dating online. It has taken self-love and a lot of courage for them to come out in broad day light. No one should intimidate them for their decisions. Everyone has a right to choose who and what they want to be!


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